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Hood Cleaning Methods

There are two essential techniques for cleaning kitchen oil exhaust, contingent upon your necessities or prerequisites of neighborhood fire specialists: Scraping Pressure washing or steam cleaning Scraping is progressively practical and is exceptionally powerful when done altogether. Scraping of eatery kitchen duct systems consents to the which is the overseeing safety code that every restaurant needs to honor. Pressure washing or steam cleaning is all the more exorbitant and tedious, since it requires impressive prep work to control squander water and progressively costly hardware is included. Be that as it may, this technique will clean ductwork all the more altogether,
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Kitchen exhaust cleaning in Portland

Why call American Hood Cleaning? We offer total kitchen exhaust cleaning services that will leave your kitchen with safe and immaculate equipment for your cooks. Kitchen exhaust systems gather grease and other combustible particulates after some time, in the long run moving into the hood and ductwork. Left sullied, they represent a genuine safety hazard to your staff and your structure. Grease fires spread quickly and can unleash devastation for any business, costing proprietors a lofty cost to pay for rebuilding. Call American Hood Cleaning today (503) 974-1728
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